Ace Hardware Corporation
A Secure Backup Exchange Routine in the Big Data Era

Throughout their 90-year history, Ace Hardware has built their annual retail sales to more than $13 billion. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, there are over 4,800 Ace Hardware co-op stores in all 50 states, as well as stores in more than 60 countries internationally. Today, Ace Hardware and its owners are committed to providing a world-class brand with helpful and superior customer satisfaction in the communities they serve.

The Challenge

For a number of years, Ace Hardware Corporation sent their backup tapes offsite and maintained a disaster recovery plan with a variety of vendors. Approximately three years into a major internal project focused on replacing homegrown mainframe systems with SAP and other application packages, Ace Hardware deemed it an opportune time to establish a colocation data center. With their new addition, they required a service provider that could securely enter their facilities and swap written tapes with fresh tapes. When Ace Hardware found that their primary service provider could not help them with this request, they knew it was time to make a change.

The Recall™ Solution

Based on an internal recommendation, Ace Hardware contacted Recall. When presented with the Recall ReSwapSM service, Ace immediately signed on. With the new partnership in place, onsite operations and standard operating procedures were established for security of their facilities. In addition to ReSwap, Recall provides Ace Hardware with a complete, secure chain-of-custody and management services seven days a week.


Recall was able to provide Ace Hardware with a timely, secure solution and a trusted partner. In addition to Recall’s excellent service, the sheer affordability of ReSwap versus utilization of a data center employee automatically provides Ace Hardware with nearly 80 percent savings.
Exceptional communication between both parties has also been key in maintaining their successful relationship. As described by Ace, Recall is always on time, and unforeseen delays are communicated clearly and in a timely manner. In addition, Ace Hardware team members were invited to attend a site visit of their local Recall data protection facility. Not only does Recall provide effective and efficient service, but they have also become an integral part of the Ace team.

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